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Are you envisioning the perfect honeymoon but struggling to bring your dream vacation to life? Let us turn your fantasies into reality! Share your desires and preferences with us, and we'll craft a tailor-made honeymoon experience that exceeds your expectations. Your dream getaway is just a few details away – fill out the form below, and let the journey of a lifetime begin!

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Tailored Travel Solutions
Have you made any plans regarding your next vacation, honeymoon or family holiday? At Antelope Travel we can accommodate your every need, ranging from lodging, booking flights, to planning excursions, tours or events, based on your preferences for the entirety of the trip. Should you, or your group, have a specific request, Antelope Travel is at your disposal to make whatever arrangement you require.
Family Events
Planning to meet family on a remote Greek island? You might have a wedding to attend, at a distant non-popular tourist destination, and you might need accommodation for yourselves or a small group, or simply want a venue to host your wedding. Why go through the drudgery of all these tasks when at Antelope Travel, we can make things happen for you.
Crafting Unforgettable Getaways
Here at Antelope Travel we strive to provide our customers the best services possible. Making your dream vacations happen. The more we know about your dream trip, the better will it be for us, to create a plan for your vacation, that will be imprinted in your memory for many years to come. As soon as you have the details, dotted the I's and crossed the T's, we will respond to you within 24hrs with our suggestions.

Working with Antelope travel was great! I typically do not use travel agencies, but as I was planning a wedding at the same time as this honeymoon trip, I knew I needed a little extra help. Antelope travel was super quick to respond to my original inquiry. Anastasia sent us.

Absolutely terrific

Antelope Travel did an absolute masterful job of putting together a once in a lifetime trip in Greece. Our walking, wine and food tasting trip from our hotel to the Acropolis and back was fantastic. Christina was a superb tour guide. Next days wine tasting, Corinth Canal & Nepflion day trip hosted by Yianni was so much fun. The final shout out goes to our 8 day sailing cruise around the Cyclades aboard the Galileo. Just 30 passenger and a crew of 16. With 7 stops in the magical Greek Islands of the Aegean. Simply put, you couldna€™t have asked for better. Hatas off ?? to Konstantinos and his terrific team!!!