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Tour to Macedonia and the Royal Tombs of Phillip II, Great Alexander's father.

Day 1
Approximate Duration: 4,5 Hours Your excursion will begin with a delightful drive via the highway and central Macedonia to arrive in Vergina, the ancient capital of the Greek Macedonian Kingdom. Upon arrival, visit the Royal tombs with the most important being that of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, as well as viewing the newly opened exhibition which contains findings discovered in the tombs. Marvel at the superb painting of the King, his famous son and friend hunting, all of which can be seen through a protective glass covering. Literally underground, make your way inside, accompanied by your guide and feast your eyes on some of the most important objects, which once belonged to Philip II ???the two small ivory heads of Philip II and Alexander the Great, the King???s Shield adorned with ivory and hold, the King???s gold-trimmed iron breast plate, Gold Diadems of unparalleled craftsmanship, the Golden Wreath of oak leaves, the gold plated collar and the Silver Burial Urns. Listen carefully, as your guide explains how inside the tomb of King Philip, a Golden Chest was discovered, containing the King???s bones, washed and wrapped in purple cloth. After this very interesting visit, return to your Motorcoach and be taken directly back to Thessaloniki and the ship.