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Start with Volos and then drive to Mount. Pelion and visit its picturesque villages.

Day 1
Approximate Duration: 4 Hours On this excursion we will have the opportunity to travel through the ages, both to the prehistoric times, but also to the tradition and culture of Volos and Pelion. We will start our tour from the Archaeological museum. It displays an astonishing series of about 300 marble funerary steles which date from the Hellenistic period. Some tombs have been reconstructed to illustrate the funerary rites and customs practiced in prehistory and antiquity. There are also collections of Neolithic objects (4,000 BC) and Mycenaean vases excavated at Iolkos. We shall continue to Mount Pelion which forms a well - wooded and well - watered promontory protecting Volos Bay from the Aegean Sea. In summer it is a heaven of cool peacefulness. The sense of mystery engendered by the mountain???s impenetrable forests has given rise to many legends. It was said by the ancients that during the battle between the gods and the giants, the latter tried to challenge Olympus by piling Pelion in Ossa. Mount Pelion was also the remote home of Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs, who played an important role in the Greek fables. Moreover, Pelion was the mountain that the Gods held their weddings and beauty contests. We will drive up to one of the most interesting village of Pelion, Makrinitsa at an altitude of 700m. We shall leave the coach in the square at the entrance to the village and take a stroll through the narrow streets among the splendid old houses. Owing to the abundant water resources, they are also scattered; many are built in the traditional style with jutting upper storey???s, supported on wooden sorbels, and slate roofs, with overhanging saves. The main square (platia) is especially attractive due to its fountain, plane trees and tiny church (13th c.). There will be plenty of time for those wishing to stroll along the cobble paths of the village, visit the museum of culture and tradition, or just have coffee at the square of the village, gazing at Volos and the Gulf.