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Enjoy a lighter version of Samaria Gorge and combine with swimming at the south coast!

Day 1
We will depart Chania in the morning. An hour's drive through the countryside and up to the White Mountains will take us to the plateau of Omalos, the starting point of the 16km long Samaria Gorge. You have the option of entering the gorge and hike just a small portion with your guide, then heading back following the same path (your walk can be as long as you wish, but please note that the first part of the walk is not an easy one, as it is downhill and slippery). Should you not wish to enter the gorge, you can explore the plateau, enjoy the spectacular views, take pictures and have a mountain tea before the drive down to the coastal village of Sougia, by the Libyan sea. Arriving in Sougia, you can either enjoy the rest of the day relaxing by the clear waters and the waterfront cafes or you could take a hike to the hidden archaeological site of Lissos ??? a 90min walk each way and of medium difficulty. Lissos has an incredibly peaceful atmosphere, and beside the betterknown Aesculap temple and Roman necropolis, there are also two chapels, with interesting frescoes. Should you not wish to hike both ways, and weather permitting, a short boat ride can be arranged for the transfer from Lissos back to Sougia. Early evening return to Chania.