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Trekking to the mount Pelion

Day 1
Approximate Duration: 4, 5 ??? 5 Hours This is the chance for those wishing to walk on the steps of the centaurs in the forests of Pelion. The trip will start from Kala-Nera This a village known for its beautiful beach, leafy plane trees and an abundant of water. Throughout the walk the visitor can enjoy the beauties of the mountain and the incredible view to the Pagasitic Gulf. At some points we will walk along the racks of the ??little train??. We will arrive in Milies (alt. 360m.), one of the most delightful larger villages of Pelion and an important cultural center, as witnessed by the wealth of rare books and manuscripts in its library which we will visit. There the visitors will see the flag that the villagers raised against the Turks in 08/05/1821 declaring the beginning of the revolution. Moreover, we will visit the church of Pammegiston Taxiarhon build in the 18th century. Another stop, during the visit will be in the small railway station - the end of the old Volos Railway - which is particularly attractive as it is a piece of work of Evaristo de Kiriko, father of the well known painter Giorgio De Kiriko. After a short break for coffee under the Plane tree in the village???s square we will board the buses and through a beautiful drive we will return to the ship between 13.00 ??? 14.00 NOTE : The duration of the walk is 2 ??? 21/2 HRS. The pace is estimated at 50 - 60 steps per minute. In the above timing stops have been counted for. This will be according with the experience and the stamina of the group. The track is 100% safe. The visitor has to have non - slippery shoes. Also, they should notify the guide if they have any form of allergies.