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11 day Turkey Holiday Package: Istanbul - Cappadocia - Bodrum Luxury Tour Turkey




Day 1

You have made it to Turkey! Anxiously awaiting your arrival is your capable escort who will drive you to your luxury accommodations in the exquisite city of Istanbul. Your vacation has officially begun! After you’ve settled-in, and had some time to freshen-up; feel free to begin your discovery of this exotic city.

Day 2

Wandering the streets of Istanbul is a delightful and exciting way to experience its aura and mystique. Check out Nianta's affluent streets-bursting with sophisticated, designer boutiques, chic cafes, exclusive restaurants and sizzling night clubs. Vibrant Taksim; similar in affluence to its neighbor is also a controversial venue where political and other demonstrations are held. Prohibited elsewhere, gatherings such as Republic Day and New Year's Eve celebrations, and televised football games are allowed on the air in Taksim Square. In fact, the annual Istanbul Gay Pride Parade takes place here, as well. The lovely city of Sultanahmet is where you are treated to a guided tour of Topkap Saray translated as "The Palace of the Cannon Gate" was the pulse of the immense Ottoman Empire. It was ruled by the emperor who made his home in Topkapi's hundreds of quarters with hundreds of mistresses, "illegitimate" offspring, and white and black domestic servants. You will also visit the versatile Aghia Sofia, which was once a church, then it became a mosque, and presently it is a museum. Hagia Sophia is an example of an impeccable fusion at which visitors can experience both Ottoman and Byzantium lifestyles beneath one giant dome. Next, you are off to the Blue Mosque and the Roman Hippodrome. Do not miss the Grand Bazaar and the aromatic Spice Market definitely two must-sees in Istanbul. Although Turkey is primarily a Muslim country, it embraces a large amount of Jewish history. Jewish heritage tours are available, or you can explore the area on your own. The Galata and Balat Quarters are infused in Jewish history, and there are some extraordinary synagogues throughout Istanbul. There is also an excellent Jewish museum in the area.

Day 3

The phrase that best describes Cappadocia is: a whimsical Faerie tale village. Famous for its underground cities, only six out of a possible forty are open to visitors. The Roman Castle in GΓ¶reme village, set among funnels and peaks of volcanic dust, is an extraordinary site. The alleged Roman Castle is at its center; a fairy chimney with a jagged Roman crypt. Legend tells us that Geme may have been the site of a cemetery for the Romans of Avanos (Venasa, then). Another remarkable site in Goreme is the Çanlı Kilise , which features eleventh-century frescoes on a portion the vault. On the one wall, Saints George and Theodore do battle with a dragon while Constantine and his mother, Helena clutch the True Cross. On the opposite wall, the nude St Onuphrius, an Egyptian recluse hides his nakedness behind a date palm leaf.

Day 4

Now we are going to explore the Aegean region of Turkey: the shoreline town of Bodrum. After settling-in at your hotel, take a stroll along the gorgeous coastline. Some people say that Bodrum is all things and all people. Everybody seems to have his or her personal Bodrum. Some live a quiet and serene life while others some live as there is no tomorrow. Bodrum’s rain is unlike the rain anywhere else. The sunrises and sunsets are unique unto themselves. Breezes waft atypically; the ocean smells sweet and pure. In a nutshell, Bodrum is captivatingly surreal. As it was centuries ago, Bodrum is the axis of industry, the arts and entertainment. It is also rich in history and drama. Inside the Castle of St Peter, you will find the French Tower.Here, the remains lie of (allegedly) Queen Ada—an authoritative, dynamic woman-and Carian Princess. Archaeologists discovered the body entombed with a golden crown, choker, rings, bracelets and and gorgeous laurel of gilded myrtle leaves. Whether this is the body of Queen Ada does not matter much as it is nonetheless an exquisite find.

Day 5

Time flies when you are having fun! Since this will be your last night in Turkey, we suggest taking in some of the sites you may have missed, or picking up some last-minute souvenirs from the Grand Bazaar. We hope you have enjoyed your time in Turkey. Come back again soon!

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