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A four hours private tour to Ancient Olympia! Visiting the site, the stadium and the Olympia Museum

Day 1
Approximate Duration: 4 hours Ancient Olympia Visit the archaeological site of Olympia and spend time in the village of Olympia. The site was a sanctuary even before the Stadium was built and the games took place in 776 B.C. Today, only parts of the temple remain at the museum and only ruins remain at the site. The Temple of Zeus no longer exists and its traces have disappeared through the ages. The Temples of Hera, Prytaneion, and Philippeion are monuments that stood in the sacred grove. The famous Stadium, with a capacity of 45,000 spectators, is entered through a long, tunnel-like passage. Stand at the starting line and imagine the voices of thousands of spectators seating on the stone bleachers. Afterwards you'll go to the village of Olympia, where you'll enjoy free time to browse through the various souvenir shops and stores or perhaps have a drink while relaxing at a local cafe.