Delos tour in the afternoon - Mykonos


Enjoy a tour to the magnificent island of Delos

Day 1 - Delos Tour

Delos is a small Island situated in the center of Cyclades, a few miles southwest of Mykonos. One of the most important archaeological Sites of Greece Delos is the birth place of Apollo, the God of light, and Artemis, the Goddess of hunting and the brightest place on the universe. The excavations of Delos started in 1873 and are still carried today out by the French School of Archaeology. Lions , Houses, The Temple of Dionysus, the theatre are some of the places that you have top visit during your Visit at Delos Island The museum as well is always remarkable with excellent monuments of the island of Delos Duration for the guiding tour on the island 1 hour and 30 minutes and then they will have free time at the museum.