Volcano, Hot Springs, Thirassia and Sunset in Oia


Boat tour to Volcano, Hot Springs, Thirassia and Sunset in Oia.

Day 1 - Boat tour to Volcano, Hot Springs, Thirassia and Sunset in Oia.

In the afternoon you will be transfered to Athinios port, in order to embark on the traditional boat (caique). The first stop is at the islet of NEA KAMENI, which is the VOLCANO of Santorini. There, you will have the opportunity to climb to the crater of the still active, but dormant Volcano, 127 meters above the sea level, which last erupted in 1950. After 1 hour, the boat leaves the Volcano and heads to the small islet of PALAIA KAMENI or HOT SPRINGS, as it is better known, which was formed through the centuries by several Volcanic eruptions. Along the coastline of the isle there are many hot springs, where you will be able to swim for 30 minutes in the warm yellow-green waters, which are considered to have healing powers. The next stop is at THIRASSIA, the second largest island after Santorini in the Caldera. The island, located opposite of Santorini, and it is quiet and unaffected by the large numbers of tourist arriving every day. Here, you will have 2 hours free time to explore the island, have lunch in one of the many small taverns, or swim in the crystal clear waters. Finally, the boat departs from THIRASSIA and heads to the traditional port of Ammoudi, from where you can take the stairs to OIA village (on foot or by donkeys). In OIA, you will have time so to explore the traditional settlement, wander in the narrow streets, admire the unique architecture, blending large Venetian houses and small cave homes, and of course watch the world famous sunset. After the sunset, you will be transfered back to your hotels.